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Meja Sound has grown to become the largest online retailer of sound equipment’s. We source high quality name brand sound equipment’s so you can get the sound you’re after. We offer exclusive selection of Musical equipment, computer Audio, DJ equipment, live sound, recording, band and orchestra, folk, accessories, and more. Our promise to you is to deliver you high quality products, alongside a competitive value.  

The company is built on a unique idea: eliminate the cost of the retail to pass the saving to the consumer.


We are also specializing in the design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrading of professional audio systems for recording studios, live sound venues of all types, and high-end residential sound systems.


After discussing exactly what you want from your audio system, we design a customized system to fit your specifications.


We have a professional team with experience and knowledge in performing, recording, computer programming, and in the design and installation of professional audio systems for diverse project.